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Downloading large files may sometimes take hours to be completed and staying in front of your computer and wait for your file transfer to be completed could be a time consuming task. Fortunately, with the use of open source software Filezilla downloading files of more than 4 GB is possible without the need to wait as it uploads. Find out some of the reasons why Filezilla is a perfect tool in downloading files with ease and convenience. 

Open Source Program – Downloading Filezilla can be done without any charges. This open source program is free of cost which is consisting of both Filezilla client and server. This is highly commendable software when transferring large amount of Internet files. 

  • User Friendly Interface – Managing of files and any folders using this application is very easy thus making this a user friendly application that anyone can use with ease. Despite being manageable, this program uses encryption to protect your files or data as you connect to its server. 
  • Supports Large File Transfer – Filezilla is commendable for transferring large amount of files more than 4 GB. Unlike other programs, this one allows user to transfer large files with the ability to pause the uploading process and resumes once you’re back to your computer. 

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    FileZilla Features

  •   Various Connection Tabs – Filezilla is a neat program that enables user to avoid the hassle of switching from one tab to another tab. This program simply allows more than 1 connection tabs. 
  • Bookmark a Folder – This program makes navigation very convenient. If you’re having difficulty locating a file in your list of directories and would like to make the process easy, Filezilla allows on its remote server to bookmark a folder and go straight to that folder. 
  • Transfer Queues – Transferring large sized files could take hours and Filezilla simply makes your life easy by providing transfer queues while when uploading. Queues will be displayed once your transferred files are in progress or if it is in a waiting to process status. 
  • Supports Multiple Protocols – Filezilla supports the following protocols; FTP, FTPS, and SFTP. This program is also capable of handling IPv6 technology which comes with an outstanding speed of transfer.

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